Darren's Heart
Scorpio, 18, Gleek, Klainer, StarKid, Really Nice Person (as Darren said), Musician, Songwriter, Singer, Poet, Philosopher, Dreamer, Talker and completely in love with the most amazing guy in the world, Darren Criss! "I'm just falling for your pheromones." @DarrenCriss


Darren Criss in “Walker Phillips”


Darren Criss and Howard Perl on the red carpet at the AMA’s. (by howardperlmanagement) Darren-“How rude of me my mother would be so ashamed! Let’s not hide who we are!”


Remember this article? One of the first ones Darren was in after he was accepted on Glee? This is like two years old. 

Now he’s like 

Darren Criss. Still the same, but still different. 


Chris and Darren together on the Paramount set - Oct. 20, 2014